This article focuses on nothing and everything because it was basically me just ranting on my keybord adn not altering a thing

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I’m doing it. If this post ends up on Medium, I swear the following. I have notgone back and edited a single word. Sure, I take pauses, breaks even, probnably, to decide the way forward, or… What to say if you will. BUT, I refuse to use the backslash. I refuse to re-read this article a hundred times, improving on a more and more incremental stage. I’m realizing this technique right now, is very scary. Far from perfect in any way, but maybe what I need. I have loads of half-finished articles, soon ready for publishing. Just need to tweak them a bit. Always. I mean, hypothetically, if someone were to read my posts, I have to

Shit. Hit enter. I have to look my best. I guess the rest of this post will be a transcript of my thoufghjts, I m what I’m thinking abiout. Lot of typos right now, sorry.

Often ehen starting on a clean slate, a white piece of papaer/paper, it’s really easy to start off with a concept. Something you’ve been thinking about. «I want to write about… The further into the page you get the harder it is. You’re in a funnel. This was literally easier five minutes ago, even though this is unedited, I still want it to make sense. I guess the off-set of creation is more easier (Iknow, damn), than the realization of the creation. Makes perfect sense. I think I’ve started 10 books. With this great idea. The best ecver. Super original. Three pages in I’ve painted myself into a corner. Close it down, next.

I keep hitting enter twice, layout is abit messy. Anyway, this post is really just for my own sake, to rid myself of the need for perfection. Yes., that’s obvious, I agree. That’s the thing with Medium though. I’ve been reading Medium articles for about 6 weeks, and there’s a lot of knowledge, I’ve started thinking in a different way. But there is a lot of repetition. I think 95% of the poeple on this thing, myself included, suffer from imposter’s syndrome. There’s different ways of coping with it, but just going out there is the best way. Says all the posts. Mine included.

Also, on a side note, I’ve been pondering the folloewing, and I’ve tried to write a really elaborate article about it, make it my «Magna Carta» of Medium if you wil. But it always get messy, so, now I will just throw it out there, so it’s out there. And then I can cleaim at least part ownership, I haven’t seen it anywhere else at least:

Let me introduce the Trinity of Evil: Technology, Climate Alteration & Segregation.

When I start to write about this, there is to / alot to say about these three subjects. Sure. But hear me out. Technology is great, sure. I think so as well. But it’s also the worst thing to happen to humaity. A really unoriginal reference: Sapiens, by Yuval Noah (I thnijk) . He makse an extreme point. Forageres are more happy than we are. I don’t know about that, but think abou this. Silicon Valley is saying they will develop AO — forget AO, I meant AI, to make our life better by giving us more time! More time! All I have is time. I never forage, i buy groceries. And then I go home where the lack of challenges force me to think. Will Ai allowe me to think more? I don’t think that’s an enticing proposition. And in the day-to-day, everyone is on their phone constantluy. We live in 4.5 inch reality, and think we’re better for it. Pay 60 dollars for a concert ticket just to film it and show it to our friends. It’s weird, and I don’t think we’re better for it.

Second, Climate Alteration. I don’t think this is so ambigous. We’re messing upo the planet at a rate never previously known. We’ll be able to sail over the North Pole in 2040. MS RIP PolarBear.

Third. Segregation. I live in a country where this isn’t that apparent, but I try not to be too blue-eyed. The amount of racisim going in due to race, religion, gender, sexual preference , etc is staggering. It’s everywhere, in 2017.

This is the trinity of Evil in my book. Now for a real live example of all these factors in play:

Technology is undoubtedly the reason Trump managed to be elected. His appeal was based primarily on hate towards any and all minority groups. One of the first things he did upon taking the oath was to withdraw the USA from the Parius Accord, which at least was a step towards a greener future. The trinity of Technology , Climate Alteration and Segregation got us Trump.

This is not that coherent, I’d love to elaborate, nad there are nmaney factors that’s been simplifies and excluded. But, hey, this is really about me publishing my demons.