When Self-Care is Not Going Home for the Holidays
Ally Niemiec

I love this!

I have been in therapy for over a year now. The longer I go the more I find myself shedding the old toxic relationships, avoiding old, and new toxic people. This year we didn’t do anything, but I think I would like to be a haven for people like you and I. Those who need a place to go, because they just can’t bring themselves to break that streak of no contact. The last time I did, I looked at my husband with anxiety, and confessed to him that seeing these people is like a drug addict taking a hit, but the shitty part is at least their hit feels good.

I just joined a group on Facebook called, Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers (Female only group).

You are not alone. We are out there, and sadly tend to be the only ones from which validation seems real. Thank you for putting yourself out therein such a real way.

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