Jame-o Was His Name-o

When you ask a kid what he wants to be when he grows up he usually says something like astronaut, rock-star or superhero.

But if they really knew all of the other job opportunities out there they would definitly answer a Kehr’s candies employee.

Jameson was a UWM student just looking for some extra cash, but then because of mutual friends, he stumbled upon the Public Market candy shop.

He loves the job and who wouldn't? When I asked him what the best part was he simply replied “the candy” and I replied “well duh”.

His least favorite parts about the job (long shifts and barky customers from Chicago) are made irrelivent when he gets to pour steaming, liquid chocolate into a bowl and watch it turn into an enormous bunny or bowling pin. His poison of choice is either the chocolate covered raisins or the peanut butter bars.

The regulars are also part of the perks, says Jameson. The man who comes in every Friday night to buy a bag of carmel corn for his daughter and their movie night is just one example of the many people he has gotten to know in just the 4 short weeks hes been working here.

He already knows people from the other food stands and they have already made trades and had cookouts with each other.

The public market is busy, never-boring and the best enviornment for food and friends. Jameson changed the way I see candy and Milwaukee’s iconic food shopping mall.

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