Olivia Menzia — The pig loving quirk-ball

For starters, she has a stuffed broccoli pillow.

Olivia Menzia is from Prospect Heights, Illinois, but, her spirit flies far beyond the suburbs of Chicago. She loves rainbow sprinkles, pigs, art, and all things “happy”. Juicy-Juice is a must-have and without rice life would not be worth living. Her creativity is the one thing that drives her fast around the world she loves so much. “I can spin off of everything, that’s what gets me through the day”. She’s not a fan of school — more specifically those terrible things professors call tests. Despite having trouble with exams, school is still one of the most important things to her. Friendships are also up there on that list of importance. Getting to know people and know new things are what she does best. Nothing stops her from making major moves towards her goals.

People who know Olivia know she’s more than just an ordinary girl. She’s crazy, zany and unpredictable. Optomist should be her profesional carrer as she sees that all things ugly and evil in this world are overcome by the beautiful things. That’s not something most people believe… and for her it’s actually easy! Making a trash can into a peice of art is a common thing for her. Knitting a sweater for a tree is just another fun thing to do. And loving someone for who they really are is just common sense for Olivia.

If you ever see her running, screaming, dancing or just walking, know that she’s more than ordinary and you’re probably going to want to get to know her.

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