How The Arts Are Shaping Your Politics (Whether You Realize It Or Not)
Sean Douglass

The conclusion to your column displays an amazing lack of awareness of who the real censors are today. You finish with “ But just as pundits and opinion writers are welcomed into our political conversations for their personal observations, so we can view artists in a similar light. We know their voices have power. If they didn’t, the president wouldn’t be trying so hard to silence them.”

The President isn’t trying to “silence” anybody, he is merely criticizing people he disagrees with. Which is exactly how the First Amendment protection of freedom of speech is supposed to work — somebody says (or does) something you disagree with….and you respond with your own speech (or actions).

But that is not how the left rolls in 2017 — and hasn’t been for a while now. I have started using the term “the totalitarian left” to distinguish these petty tyrants from run of the mill, ordinary “liberals/progressives”.

The totalitarian left will tolerate no dissent from their radical agenda. If you do….well, if you are lucky, they simply try to shut you up. If you are unlucky….well, then the totalitarian left will try to destroy your life. By getting you fired from your job, or suing you and putting you out of business.

Think I am exaggerating? Does the name Brendan Eich ring a bell? He was the computer genius who wrote the code for Mozilla’s “Firefox” web browser — basically the only reason that company exists today. He was promoted to CEO of Mozilla a couple of years ago.

No big deal, right? Brilliant computer geek is promoted to head up a tech company….should have been the end of the story.

But no. You see, Mr. Eich had a deep, dark secret that was exposed almost immediately after he was promoted. He gave $1,000 to the pro-traditional marriage Prop 8 campaign in CA back in 2008. This fact became public knowledge because CA mandates that all contributions to politicians or political campaigns over a very small amount be kept in an on-line, searchable database.

Somebody decided to research Mr. Eich’s political donations — and found out about his modest donation to the Prop 8 campaign. Remember, back in 2008 Mr. Eich held exactly the same view on same sex marriage that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supposedly did.

So how did the totalitarian left respond to this piece of information? With the “open mindedness and tolerance” that liberals are so famous for? Hahahahaha — of course not — they immediately demanded his homophobic head on a platter. And within a week he was hounded out of his job.

The fact that Mozilla employees who were questioned about Mr. Eich all said they had no idea what his political views were did not matter. The fact that openly gay employees at Mozilla all said Mr. Eich had always treated them the same way he treated everybody else — with kindness, respect, and professionalism — that did not matter.

Mr. Eich had dared to dissent from the agenda of the totalitarian left — so they went after him with a vengeance.

There are also many Christian bakers, florists, and photographers who have been sued and fined for daring to refuse to participate in a same sex marriage ceremony.

Side note — ever notice how it always Christians who are targeted for not wanting to participate in a same sex marriage ceremony? Never Muslims?

And of course, let’s not forget about what is going on at college campuses all over America. Conservative and/or libertarian speakers are routinely “dis-invited” or shouted down when they try to give a speech on campus. Actual riots have occurred on college campuses in response to conservatives being invited to give a speech.

The next time a liberal speaker is dis-invited from speaking at a college campus will also be the first time that has ever happened. And I am unaware of any liberal speaker ever being shouted down by protesters to the point where he or she is unable to finish giving their speech on a college campus.

And what I find to be the most hilarious and ironic thing of all is that if you ask any liberal to describe themselves, they all see themselves as being “open minded and tolerant”.

Give me a freaking break — liberals may have been that at one time….but now, they are the most judgmental and intolerant people in the world.

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