Last summer I got involved with investing and participating in a new virtual reality world, called Decentraland.

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Welcome to Decentraland!

I’ve been in other virtual worlds for some time, and wrote a book about one of them.

So why is Decentraland special?

The users are creating a whole new world from scratch

We get to build a new virtual world and society with all that’s been learned from the first generation of virtual worlds, and with emerging new ideas about governance, justice, economics and collaboration.

We actually own our land

We can buy land, and then keep it as long as we want without fees to any company. And we have the ability to rent it out or even sell it at market rate. …

Virtual Experience is rapidly arriving

It seems pretty obvious to me that we are at the beginning of a time where virtual reality experience will become a significant part of human experience.

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Will Virtual Experience be a good thing for us?

There is certainly going to be a lot of variety. Some of it will be downright porn. Some will be boring, silly or truly awful.

But virtual experience has the potential to become a really important aspect of the development of human potential. It will enable us to do things we cannot do in physical reality, and to interact directly with people from around the world that we would never otherwise meet.

Some of the ways the virtual experience can enhance humanity can…


Carl Fravel

Strategy, technology, business, management. Entrepreneur, musician, Baha’i. Someday I may be a futurist.

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