These pre-fab homes were one of the federal government’s dumbest postwar mistakes
Stephanie Buck

Public housing (as we know it) was one of the federal governments biggest mistakes. If the government had invested in Lustrons instead of (or at least in addition to) public housing, more low and moderate-income people would have benefited from homeownership instead of just being warehoused and ghettoized in glorified army barracks for generations. If American cities had Lustron communities instead of public housing projects, society would have been much more cohesive and healthy. One of the duties of the federal government to its citizens is to ensure decent housing for all of its people. Capitalism only works in the long run if Federal and State Governments assist with socio-economic problems instead of ignoring them. It’s important to note this article doesn’t criticize Lustron home design or the Lustron Corporation contributions to housing. Just the Lustron corporate business model needed guidance and modification. The Lustron Corporation did not fail the country; the country failed the Lustron Corporation. To this day thousands of Americans have benefited, and still benefit, from the quality low-cost housing the Lustron Corporation provided. — Carl Gainsborough

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