ProductX Weekly 3/20

  1. Conversational AI

AI is a big trend, and everyone has had somewhat a wakeup call, or at least a reminder of its power with the AlphaGo news recently. It will be applied ubiquitous to computing, from Go to lot more other applications. This week, we saw two new products that are AI working in smart conversation front.

Slack releases a new API that allows Developers to build smart chat bot with it. It can conduct basic semantic analysis and provide meaning of the conversation. is the 3rd party webservice, and Slack has integrated with it.

MSG.AI is another example, which focus on provide customer service to eCommerce merchants for now.

2. Nike HyperAdapt

When people say “smart shoes”, many times it is referred to location traceable shoes for kids, Nike gave it a new meaning this week by releasing the HyperAdapt. The shoe can be self-tying and it is damn good look. With more mechanics inside the shoes, I am sure there will be more capabilities soon.

3. Chatfuel, the messaging bot builder

Last week we talked about Messaging bot being a new channel to deliver service to users, with the advantage of more lightweight and easier to acquire than App download, this week we found Chatfuel, a tool that can make building those bot even easier.

Snippet of how a messaging bot works:

Chatfuel is in YC right now and focus on Telegram, but if Facebook Messager opens up, we will see a lot more messaging bots in the market. Here is how to build a bot in Telegram (yes, inside telegram, with no code)

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