ProductX Weekly - 3/16

Carl Wu
Carl Wu
Mar 14, 2016 · 2 min read
  1. Splash — Turn your iPhone into a VR camera.

This App lets you to take pieces of your surroundings, as below, and it magically stitches them together into a 360 degree view.

It can be presented in VR style under a Google Cardboard type of VR viewing device.

Despite some extra hassle to snatch pictures around you and potentially got disoriented :), any attempt to use a 2D device to create a VR experience is worth noting.

Video Demo: link


Founders: Elliott Perez @elliott_blast

2. Pagare — Smart Watchstrap

The idea is to make the watchstrap smart, so the watch itself can still be a watch, a design centric accessory, instead of a sometimes clunky piece of a electronic device that tries to be fashion but not really.

It is only designed for Pebble right now, which is already a smartwatch, but I think the real potential is for it to be able to plug and play into any trendy watches and instantly smarten it — payment, tracking etc, powered by bluetooth, connected to the phone.

Website: link

Founder: Michael Orlando

3. Assist — On demand Concierge App with a smart entry point

Concierge App like the “Operator” is not a new concept, the smart thing about “Assist” is its product form — no App, just entries from existing social App, so the acquisition funnel is lot shorter and smoother.

Website: Link

Founder: Robert Stephens @rstephens

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