You Can Have Single-Payer When You Pry It From The Oligarchy’s Cold, Dead Hands
Caitlin Johnstone

Extremely well written article. It exposes the underbelly of our corrupt political organizations. If congressmen could only use what money they have in their pockets to run for reelection, there would be a massive turnover in Washington, which is what this country needs right now.

The US EXORTS almost as much oil as we import. If we kept it here, and stopped supporting OPEC and their deep political pockets, it would help. It would help the American people.

Term limits would work wonders, because hundreds of our Government elected officials have become millionaires at the expense of the American people. They need to buy health care just like the rest of the population, and have a retirement plan like most companies. You HAVE to pay into it to get something out. As it is, their retirement is their Congressional salary for life, for as little as four years of working 5 months a year.

Congress was not created to be a career, it was created for a citizen to serve one or two terms, then step down and elect someone new, and have to live under the laws they have passed. If you look at the end of the Roman empire, it almost mirrors Americas political face today.

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