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Hi, Im Carl from Sweden.

That’s how I the last days have answered my phone when a total stranger phones me, from somewhere in the world, mostly out of pure curiosity. So far I’ve probably taken about fifteen or twenty calls, and most, if not all, have been polite, inviting, explorative and great learning experiences.

So what’s this all about? Well, a new web service — The Swedish Number, was released upon the world some days ago by the Swedish Tourist Association. They want to spark people’s curiosity about Sweden — our culture, nature and…

What the development of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics means for education

The Second Machine Age is here

Since Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee published The Second Machine Age, several other pieces of data and reports point in the same direction — computers, robots and artificial intelligence are replacing humans in workplaces at an increasing rate, and in new areas. Carl Benedikt Frey
and Michael A. Osborne at Oxford presented interesting data suggesting that nearly half of today's jobs are susceptible to be going away over the coming decades. …

Why understanding complexity leads to innovation

In Sweden as in many other countries in the west, education has been viewed as something waning, with failed systems and structures. Education reform has been on the agenda more or less over the past decade, and there have been many thoughts and ideas on what needs to be done to enable the educational system to thrive.

As a starter, Im still not convinced that the education system has failed. Perhaps the system just isnt designed towards the needs of todays post-industrial society. Perhaps the questions we ask and the goals we set arent fully in…

Why education needs to embrace new design patterns for learning spaces

Times are changing — and in some places around the world one can se shifts occurring when it comes to the design of classrooms. In 1993 the science fiction author William Gibson said “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”. To me this is just the case when looking at the design of learning spaces and the classroom. Mostly, where ever one looks, thins are all the same. But in some places, theres inspiration to be found.

I cant count the amount of classrooms I have been…

Why schools need a broader perspective on digital literacy and why they need to embrace the Maker Movement

Having worked with educational development and IT in education for over a decade I have followed the coming of “one laptop per child” in schools, and the ongoing shift in education from a classroom where the pinnacle of technology was the overhead projector, to classrooms where all students have a laptop or tablet and where wifi is ubiquitous. This shift is well needed and still continues in Sweden and elsewhere. Many schools today have much needed technology, but even more schools dont. There still is a severe digital divide between those schools that are on par with society at large…

Why nuance is so important

Today I had the opportunity to extend my thoughts a bit in Swedish Public Radio (P1) on the topic of computer games and learning. As usual when debating and discussing topics in broadcast media time is very limited, which means that ideas have to be put forward swiftly and clearly in order to be properly understood. All I can say on my behalf is that I did my best, and realize I do have quite a bit of work to do should I want to become better at it.

When time is limited, and the narrative structure wanted is that…

Why failure is so important.

“I dont want to fail”, said a teacher in the audience. That reply to a proposal i made during a lecture today sparked a great conversation.

I had the opportunity of again speaking on the topic of games and learning for a group of teachers. Mostly the discussions are quite similar after these lectures, and I have them fairly often. But today I had the opportunity of diving deep into another, more relevant and for me important discussion. …

Carl Heath

Senior Researcher at RISE Interactive with interests in ICT and learning, games, education, maker & hacker culture, research and innovation. www.carlheath.se

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