It’s Thursday, Time for European History and Frustration With Dr. Witkowski

We’re back! In the back row of Keating room 121 to be more specific. Dr. Witkowski is up to his usual tricks — he has put 6 kids to sleep, three are snoring, actually snoring. Instead of paying attention I’m back on here typing away.

I still feel a similar guilt about blowing this class off. It’s still not strong enough to make me take notes. But this time, my guilt feels more refined. This time I have it paired with a nice strong, aged sense of disbelief. The kind of disbelief that makes you subtlely look around for Ashton Kutcher.

I’m feel this way because I cannot fathom the fact that this man is in control of my future. Dr. Witkowski, this sweet old man, is quite frankly the worst teacher I’ve ever had. It doesn’t matter why, everybody has experienced awful teachers. He is imcompetent, yet somebody granted him the power to grade me. A grade which goes into my GPA, which goes straight to the top of my resume for the world to see. Conventional knowledge teaches me that this class matters. Not only for the noble pursuit of wisdom, but also for my financial future and the ultimate happiness of myself and my future family. Theoretically, unless I don’t get wildly lucky with the next social media app, my future looks dim because I’m writing this and not doing everything I can to get an A+ in this class.

But how much does 2oth Century European History with the Doc really matter? I’m not asking, “how do I proceed?” because I know the answer to that question — just put a little more effort in and try to get a decent grade. What I would like to know, is how much of an effect does this horrible class have on my professional future? If I were to barely pass this class what kind of effect can I expect to see years from now? I get it, life is unfair, I was born in 1995 which automatically makes me a whiny bitch who is scared to work, I’m addicted to my iPhone, etc. It’s just hard for me to accept that this incompetent teacher grading me on my knowledge of 20th Century European history holds the keys to me having a successful future. This man knows 0% about me other than my ability to recite facts back to him. Dr. Witkowski first saw me 6 weeks ago and will last see me in December. Sure, it’s broader than this and there are various other factors at play. This shit just sucks, man.

I could really use a: “Do a decent job, man. It doesn’t matter as much as everybody says it does.”

Oh well. Know anybody with good app ideas?

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