Ok, So I often try to steer far away from politics, mainstream news, clearly bias propaganda, etc… But, I gotta say… for whatever reason… maybe I dunno, out of shear morbid curiosity perhaps, I had about as much BS as I could stomach just from social media alone that I finally decided to dive in and spent more hours than Id like to admit watching both sides before, during and after this national tragedy. No, Im not referring to the election (either side) — Im referring to the absolutely embarrassing reactions from people who frankly, have the most brainwashed, clueless, rude, arrogant completely stupid and immature child- like behaviors I have ever witnessed. I learned new, embarrassing terms like, SJW, Triggered and micro-aggression. Oh, and lets not forget safe spaces. Holy shit. If youre offended thus far, you obviously ignored the trigger warning (LOL) and should definitely not read this email. Its amazing. But in a horrific, yet almost comedically sad kind of way that amounts to little more than children throwing a temper- tantrum for not getting their way… censoring free speech, intellectual diversity and lacking plain old simple household manners! Being neither right or left in any remote sense of those terms gave me the ability to watch both sides of this travesty with a non- bias perspective on either side. That said… While I have seen a small percentage of actual racists gloating and being bullies over their candidates victory, Ive seen ten times more genuine HATE and a level of human ignorance that Ive never personally seen before in my lifetime, coming from the losing candidates side. They talk about love, while spewing hate, and actually being violent, aggressive and literally DOING everything they claim to have hated about their opposing party. Just wow. Im sure this is going to get a few un- subscribes. Good. :) If you are remotely offended or god- forbid, triggered by anything said here thus far, then please see the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email — and click. If it doesnt work the first time, try again. In a business that thrives on responsibility, being an adult and acting like one, working hard and working smart to earn your money without feeling entitled to it… to actually believe and practice that true equality means you dont hate anyone — even those whom you claim are the haters — that you treat all people of every nation, every color, every religion, every creed with equal respect because you are intelligent enough to know that racism, bigotry and also reverse-racism and bigotry are just byproducts of ignorant people given a bastardized, dumbed-down form of education in even the most prestigious universities… You who are awake to the grand design behind the political machine… whove seen those who are pulling the strings on both sides from behind the curtains… who refuse to buy into the PC rhetoric and actually have the innate ability to hear opposing views without going into meltdown… …and organizing riots, damaging both private and public property… being a general nuisance to all of civilized society and showing the entire world that theyre a bunch of snowflake crybabies who clearly werent raised to be actual adults but grown children in very much need of a spanking and nap-time… To all of you great people of the USA and this Earth — those who havent yet been offended by words — to those of you who havent retreated to your safe-spaces… I commend you. I applaud you. I do believe that you — the actual adults of planet Earth are the real majority, and I salute you. Im proud youre my subscriber. Again, I am not remotely political. Both sides have bones flying out of their respective closets. But what Ive seen humanity degenerate into on american streets since the election is pure disgusting garbage that has literally set this country back decades. The whole world is watching. Allies and enemies alike are judging the strength and merit of this country by what theyve seen on their televisions and the internet. And theyre laughing. If you havent noticed, I dont do PC. I take no sides, but Im going to tell it like it is, from an un-bias perspective without the bullshit thats been coming out of both sides… but just from independent analysis, its coming from the left in droves and waves of riots, screams, chants and outright violent and criminal behaviors. I have zero respect for these types; theyre pretty much un-reachable for the most part. In a hypnotic stupor so deeply ingrained into the way they see and operate within their reality, that just about any attempt to provide new information is a lost cause, because the way their brain handles the input is literally stored away and consciously ignored by their own Reticular Activating System. This isnt of course a one size fits all critique, as everyone is unique and different and should not be generalized — but those who have rallied and are blocking roadways and highways, forcing their misguided agenda upon innocent civilians — damaging their cars and making them late for work… …or worse — killing people who cannot get to the hospital in time to save their lives — these people are perfect symbols for everything they stand against, by their own actions, often forcing the motorists they are delaying to finally get fed up and go bowling for ignorant protesters stupid enough to stay in the road, as their vehicles begin accelerating from the unrest. I dont condone violence or hate of any kind. I dont want anyone to get hurt. But if youre standing in a road where cars are driving by, youre probably going to eventually get hit. This generations parents likely never taught them that — or much of anything it seems. Still here with me? Awesome. Thank you for being my valued subscriber and an outstanding member of our global society. If youre reading this just to be triggered like some smack-addict who just cant get enough of the stuff that makes your blood boil so you can feel triggered and play the victim… You will never be successful in life. And youll probably never be happy, either. Something, somewhere will always come along and try to victimize you. Things will always happen to you, and youre powerless to stop them. Why? Because youre the victim. But success isnt built on a victim mentality. How you respond to what happens to you dictates how far you get in life. It doesnt matter where you come from, what your background is, how many fingers and toes you have — there have been people with unimaginable disadvantages that have made successes out of themselves. And they never did it by blaming other people. Only by blaming themselves and holding their own responsibility for their actions or in-action, has anyone ever become a success at anything. You can throw out all the words you can think of, and project them at someone else — and thats never going to actually put you where you want to be — unless your idea of success is becoming road candy or dissolving your own individuality into a group, so you can have solidarity and feel safer. Omg. Alright, well… rant over. Im counting on hundreds, maybe thousands of unsubscribes from this email. But thats alright, because Id rather have a handful of real men and women to empower than tens of thousands of little snowflakes to console and apologize to for sharing my perspective as a complete political outsider, looking into what has become a great national embarrassment. So if youre not a snowflake, stick around because this is just getting good. If you are… Theres a special link inside this email. Its the unsubscribe link. And you can click it as fast as you can and go run to your safe space before youre triggered into making an even bigger ass out of this nation, and yourself as a decent, civilized human being. Stay tuned, -Jason PS. If youre sticking with me even after this purposefully polarizing email, good for you. You collectively are the backbone this nation needs most regardless of your beliefs, ideas, race, religion, class, culture or creed. To you who are non-violent, intelligent, well- educated, thoughtful, caring individuals… Keep being awesome. And if youve read this far and havent been triggered yet, heres a shameless plug for smart entrepreneurs that has nothing to do w/ politics! Now lets all hug and be friends, shall we? :) Or, you can…

 source http://archive.aweber.com/awlist4386430/92SoC/h/Holy_shit_I_learned.htm