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Laura, Sangini and I @ 9AM on Sunday — I was too lazy to walk around the table…

Four years ago, I transferred from Rutgers Newark to Rutgers New Brunswick. I was fortunate enough to know that my some of my high school friends were still in New Brunswick so I hung out with them on most days. Two of my friends, Harsh and Sangini, had told me about hackathons and that there was one coming up in October. It was HackRU Fall 2013 and it sounded interesting to me. A 24 hour event focused on building things? Sounds like a great way to spend my weekend!

The night before HackRU, we threw some ideas in the air and decided on making an app that compared schedules to find gaps in between events where friends could hang out. We were going to make an Android app with Android Studio and use Rutgers’ API to look at someone’s courses. Seems simple enough right? I spent 19 hours looking at tutorials. Somehow, in all of those 19 hours, I didn’t really learn anything because none of it connected together. …


Carlin Au

I like playing video games and going to hackathons. Formerly Executive Director @HackRU and a Content Provider @ http://TruePCGaming.com.