The Problem of Paedophilia

The definition of paedophile I will be using here is someone who is sexually attracted to people younger than 16. I am not classifying those who act on these urges as paedophiles.

The general public feels that these people are unforgivable. They put their crimes up there with rapists and abusers. It seems the general public sees these people as unredeemable. In contrast though, I feel great empathy towards these people and feel they deserve respect for what they have to deal with.

The fact of the matter is that paedophiles do not chose to like who they like. Just as you do not chose to like large or small breasts, or skinny or fat men — paedophiles do not have a choice in the matter. They were born with a predispotion that they cannot change. Just because they unfortunately like those who are younger than the legal age of consent, does not make them monsters.

If they act on these urges though, I do believe that they are irredeemable and they should be punished. Making invisible scars and removing a child’s innocence is an unforgivable crime.

Paedophiles need help and they also need their feelings to be destigmatised. There are too many accounts of people who have taken their lives because they feel like they were born into an impossible situation. They can never truly experience pleasure because the only way they can is so immoral. They feel like they can’t get help because it is so unforgivable. If the public could recognise that it is not a choice, then maybe we would have less people living in fear of their natural urges.

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