Facebook Camera
Damjan Stankovic

I must say first awesome job. And I would like to offer my point of view, that maybe could help you improve your idea.

I think it would be really good as a “Quicky” mode. Where you can predefine “favourite contacts” and just fire away, real life - live streaming style. It could definitely work in many cases.

On the other hand as a “Full version app” I find it from photography point of view challenging. Because it merges the whole photographic process down to 1 click. And we all know that is not enough :)

Take photo> Thinking about the framing, composition, expressions.

Review > We always take few photos, which one is the best… did I blink?

Edit > This is what made Instagram a billion dollar company

At the end it will come down to the “What do I need it for?”,

  • Quick and dirty… definitely.
  • Want to “represent” yourself… hard.
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