Carl St. James
Nov 8 · 1 min read

A cross-departmental UX seminar I attended recently (I work for a University) really hit the nail on the head.

We had an intro by an ex-student who had gone into the silicon valley version of UX and only worked on apps and websites and he framed the whole day in this way.

The second speaker was a guy from the university library who had received complaints from students about noisy groups of students in the quiet study area and how he had used UX design (finding out user likes/dislikes and implementing solutions) to sort this out.

The last speaker was a lovely italian woman who had designed an exhibition for a dutch museum and take a ton of data on how people went around and interacted with the exhibits and used this to make it more interactive and to invisibly funnel people to lesser visited areas of the museum.

The first guy, whilst talented is the same ‘UX designer’ I read about all the time on medium whereas the latter 2 understood User eXperience principles and applied them to real-world situations.

I guess the 9th mistake would be assuming all UX is digital and that everything can be solved with a well-designed app. In my later conversation with library-guy we talked about our gripes about the flow of people within the main campus building and possible ways we could solve this through signage and guides.

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