Peak Facebook
M.G. Siegler

If Facebook are to become the platform company Zuckerberg desperately seems to want it to be, it needs to start looking at how it can expand WhatsApp.

With 1.5bn users (in 2017. It’s probably much higher now) its time they morphed it into the WeChat competitor it always had the potential for. Open the platform up for companies to add their own plug-ins to do everything from order an Uber or a Takeaway to transfer money.

As we move away from GUI to Audible interfaces for casual computing, the idea of siloed apps for individual tasks is going to disappear in favour of services appearing as plugins. It is conceivable that GUI interfaces may move in the same direction to keep up, meaning one centralised app that accesses everything.

Facebook are in a much stronger position than Google or Apple to take advantage of this future due to their platform agnostic nature and the need to not release a chat app every other week.