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Her use of the word Jihad is not insignificant. Jihad does have a literal definition in Arabic, yes. However, consider the context of her speech. She was speaking at an event for muslims, in english. Then there’s the little foot note that she mentioned her god directly. So why would she use jihad for just its literal translation? Answer: she wouldn’t, that makes no sense. She was using jihad in the context of islam. Jihad in the context of islam is the struggle to spread islam to all places on earth, and to institute islamic religious law everywhere. This is not my personal opinion, if you have any doubts, please ask the nearest muslim. Better yet, read the koran. So, this activist wants to struggle with her fellow muslims to over-through our democratic government and institute a theocracy. Does it really matter how much physical danger she is willing to put herself in to commit this treason?

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