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New role. New focus. Same mission.

Mar 18 · 2 min read
From my latest adventure to the Peak District — Kinder Downfall

The past year has been quite the journey. After shutting down my startup, I’ve been taking time to better understand what I want my life and career to look like, and in turn find a new role that provides a meaningful challenge, huge scope for growth and the opportunity to continue the mission of making London the world’s most inclusive tech ecosystem.

As such I feel incredibly lucky to today be announcing I’m joining early stage VC Forward Partners to lead brand and communications, to both amplify their ambition to build one of London’s most inclusive venture funds, and in turn support their portfolio in telling more valuable and impactful stories.

This may or may not surprise a few people. Anyone who knows me will know I’ve been very critical of the world of venture capital. I think venture has consistently shown both a lack of self awareness and a lack of accountability for evolving with the times. It’s part of a much bigger personal frustration with the tech industry as a whole, and I can’t pretend that I haven’t been looking for a way out. And then Forward Partners came along.

Forward Partners is already nothing like your traditional VC. With an in-house studio that helps their portfolio execute, as well as an affinity for investing at the earliest possible stage, they are certainly what you’d call progressive. What’s more, with huge credit to Louise Rix on the investment team, Forward have been taking time to understand their role in perpetuating issues in the ecosystem and taking direct action to improve.

But like many other funds, they’ve still got their work to do — but it’s refreshing to see that is actually both understood and acknowledged. At this inflection point in their short history, they have an immense opportunity to build a remarkable new brand in venture, and in turn challenge the industry as a whole to up their game. Forward Partners have something incredibly special going for them and I’m damn excited to help tell the world all about it.

And the bonus? Having the scope to support their incredible and diverse portfolio in telling their own stories — to aid recruitment, marketing or building culture — is an absolute dream for me. This proximity to such an array of early stage companies will undoubtedly make this the most phenomenal learning experience for me, and to do it alongside such a smart, humble team is quite simply the icing on the cake.

Here’s to being part of the solution, not the problem.

Let’s get to work.

Carl Martin

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I tell stories that move humanity forward. I’m a photographer, filmmaker, artist and activist.

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