The Good Idea Fairy

There’s a special part of the universe where the truly creative and the truly innovative live and operate. I’m cool if they stay in their lane and do their thing. What I cannot stand is when the kind-of creative and the wannabe-innovative slow down productivity with a bunch of ideas and no follow-through. In my circles we refer to this as the Good Idea Fairy.

The Good Idea Fairy has a ton of ideas….that they want YOU to execute.

The Good Idea Fairy has no concept of execution.

The Good Idea Fairy has probably never finished a project from start to finish.

The Good Idea Fairy wastes time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ideas…GREAT ideas. However, what I love more than ideas is a thought-out strategy for idea implementation and a motivated team that is willing to execute.

Stop letting The Good Idea Fairy stall out your goals, distract your organization, and frustrate your most productive team members.

Lead on…and just say “NO” to the Good Idea Fairy.

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