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🇺🇸 designer based in 🇵🇭. Interested in branding, slow living, futures, government, civic and mobility spaces through a design lens.

INTRODUCTION Normally, I would try to focus at least a few of my skills into more concentrated efforts, but in the case of working at Research Affiliates as a design consultant, I was able to use the full breadth of my skillset — which is rare in a client setting. It’s important how the different disciplines work in conjunction, together and separate, which is just as important than the projects themselves. FYI, working in finance is also rare in my situation as it is not my preferred industry vertical of choice, but it is a very interesting one. This case…

an illustration of a man that represents a design ombudsman, which is a cross between a lawyer, and a designer
When lawyers are turned into designers

Of all government policy proposals, I imagine enacting an authority figure for a seemingly trivial subject (design), would be at the bottom of the totem pole. I assure you, the effects of a would-be shallow subject matter are present in our everyday lives, and the decisions that are made from any level in these objects we consume, the experiences that we have that make our lives better (or sometimes not) are equally valuable. In the context of an American landscape, implanting regulatory bodies is not always easy, but as we the consumer, as civilians have seen time and time again…

It’s quite a challenge starting a new venture in these trying times. Especially as a designer / creative (a POC at that) having to create aesthetically and conceptually pleasing what-have-you’s while abiding to stringy capitalistic rules, working in a slightly abrasive society, rejecting apathetic-tendencies, combatting ideologies, and considering of adjacent cultures that is seemingly evolving at hyper-speed while others disintegrate in their own clouded bubbles. It’s disheartening to see important voices retreat in their own wilderness (except for self-care and development), but we need those voices to carry us onward and upward. This premise is not a sly set-up to…

Carlo Llacar

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