AWAYTOMARS/ Brandon Yarchuck

Meet Brandon Yarchuck, the designer behind the Cyber Punk Top who is collaborating with AWAYTOMARS on our next Fashion Show!

What do you love the most about fashion?

The aspect of fashion that I like the most is that it is ever-changing: even if certain styles cycle in and out of fashion, there is always a new technique, a new design detail, or a new medium. It’s inspiring and keeps me going.

As you’re not a professional designer, how do you include your passion in fashion on your daily life?

I am not a professional designer, but I am a fashion design student, so sewing, drawing, and working in fashion technology applications are immense parts of my life.

What inspired your idea?

All of my designs are inspired by comfort, but I did also draw inspiration for this one from the idea of a nomad in a futuristic, dystopian world.

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Here there’s the concept of his creation:

This top closes with hidden hooks and eyes underneath the edges of the wrap.
The standing collar and cap sleeves give it a futuristic feeling while the wrap and color give it a cyberpunk edge.
It is easy to wear and style, and while it is bold in design elements, it would be a solid-coloured garment, giving it a delicate balance and a strong presence.

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