AWAYTOMARS/ Chiara Berva

Meet our member Chiara Berva. Chiara is a print designer and she uses our moodboard to find inspiration and to help inspire our community.

Some of Chiara’s inspirations on AWAYTOMARS moodboard

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is one of the ways we express ourselves in every day life…

What does being fashionable mean to you?

Beauty to me is not acritically following fashion, the best way to be fashionable is being aware of who we are and loving that way…

How to be cool?

To be cool, a woman should start from appreciating her naked, free body. Everything else will follow naturally…

What’s your inspiration?

We have to be our own source of inspiration: we must be curious and everything should inspire, excite us.

What do you think of this opportunity to receive feedback from other users in the design process?

Sharing is a sign of intelligence.

We’re here to talk fashion with you.

We don’t want to hear about this year’s hottest designers, and we don’t really care to hear about this season’s concept, either. 
We want to hear about the burning fashion dreams that exist inside of you and only you. That’s all we want to hear.

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