Meet the designer behind the Round Shape Jacket who is collaborating with AWAYTOMARS on our next fashion show

Teana Liu is Chinese and is currently studying fashion in New Zealand. Teana enjoys drawing and always has her sketchbook and iPad with her to record her inspirations. She loves how fashion can make her feel confident , elegant and powerful and would like to help others feel this way as well. The inspiration for her Round Shape Jacket came from the All Blacks and the rugby influence in the culture of New Zealand.

Teana Liu’s moodboard on AWAYTOMARS

Here is the concept of her design:

The Round Shape Jacket will be part of AWAYTOMARS Fashion Show at MODALISBOA — Lisbon Fashion Show (March 13th 2016, 15:30, Lisbon)
The shape of this winter jacket looks like the ones from rugby jackets. It has a quite long length, it could reach the knee or even lower. The sleeves begin on the elbow therefore the shoulder line is incredibly long. There is top stitch from armhole to chest.
The edges of the pockets on the jacket will start from the top stitches on the chest. There is no button or zipper on it.

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