Do You Consider Finance Options When Buying A Car?

With more than 1 million vehicles sold in Australia last year, the Australian automotive market is booming. A study carried out by ACA Research revealed in 2016, the year-on-year car sales increased by 2% in the Australian market. With this considerable growth the demands for competitive car finance options are also increasing, so much so, 76% of consumers considered their finance options prior to test driving vehicles.

Now the question remains- Do you consider finance options before test driving your vehicle?

Many consumers are time poor and do not have the resources to compare the finance and loan options available from lenders. Trying to find the most suitable loan at the best rate can be daunting and sometimes confusing. It is crucial you read the fine print of all available loans to ensure you are not mislead in your loan application.

Processing loan applications can be timely and it extremely frustrating especially if you are waiting on a loan approval to purchase your dream vehicle. Thankfully, there are several finance brokers that can take the stress out of your next car loan application.

Australian car finance is a reputable finance company that offers free expert advice and support. Their team of expert brokers will compare all current loan offers to ensure you receive the best rate with the fastest loan approval.

We have outlined some reasons why you should consider using a finance broker when looking for car finance:

Better Access to the Car Finance Market

Car finance brokers have a team of experts with more experience and expertise than the average consumer. When using a car finance broker, you gain access to different car loans that are otherwise inaccessible to direct consumers. Australia’s leading car financing broker — Australian Car Finance Company compares the deals of all lenders and hundreds of loans to help solve your car financing requirements.

Find that Perfect Deal

Whether you require a low interest rate, low repayments or a fast approval processing time, a competent car finance broker in Australia, can help you find the perfect car loan deal. A broker will look into your personal requirements and provide solutions that best suit your needs.

Be Pro-Active

Once you receive pre-approval on your car loan be proactive in your car search. Rely on the support of your chosen car finance company in Australia, who can also help find your ideal car to suit your requirements and budget.

Protect Your Credit History

When you make individual loan enquiries with different lenders, several checks will be made on your credit history. The more loan disapprovals you receive the more this will affect your credit history. With easy access to multiple lenders, a finance broker will not only avoid damaging your credit history but they can find the most suitable loan for quick approval in one single check.

When you choose a broker, you receive expert support and advice. Your chosen broker will take the stress out of your loan application and will not only save your time, but can negotiate a more competitive deal on your behalf. They will help find the right deal at the best rate and will guide you from application to settlement — so that you can enjoy your new vehicle with complete peace of mind.