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Some of us seek the truth.

Some of us hide from it.

The truth of coronavirus is unknown.

We don’t how fatal it is.

We don’t know how many people have and will be infected.

We don’t know what is worse — closing economies or the health effects of the virus.

The truth of our humanness is known

We know we are scared.

We know we lack preparation.

We know many will die soon.

We know all humans will die.

Truth can be scary.

Truth can be empowering.

But in the end, the truth is the truth.

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Photo by Karl JK Hedin on Unsplash

Sixty years ago, my father boarded a boat from Italy to pursue a better life in Australia. He arrived with nothing more than a suitcase full of possessions. In just a single generation, our family secured financial stability — and opportunities for a better life — that would never have been accessible in Italy.

However, in the past decade, Australia has had as many prime ministers as Italy. We have become a political joke. …

Carlo Bellini

Consultant, Coach & Speaker. At the intersection of health, innovation, and performance. Enjoys the snow as much as the sun. Visit

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