IA # 8: Mind over Body

This is where I find peace, is when I play online games. This is always what I to to keep me relaxed especially when I’m feeling so stressed already. Playing games is not only playing, playing also helps you develop you as a person like developing your communication because it requires you to speak to other players in English. And it helps you develop your technical and strategical skills because in this game (Dota 2), kills doesn’t matter if you don’t play as a team. It requires pure strategy to win the game. And if you play with your friends and you still play as an individual player, things can go wrong because tendencies are there will be miscommunication’s among the team. Or in short, teamwork wins everything.
I have this problem, the mañana habit until now. Because I love playing online games, there are times that I prioritize first my gaming time before I do school works. My concern with this mañana habit is that, at the end of the day, there’s always regret on myself thinking that I can finish my tasks before playing. Meaning, “kaya ko pala gawin pero di ko kaagad ginawa ng maaga.” Because there are times that I’m like this, I pass my requirements on the day itself like in this activity, but I always think that I can do it ahead of time kung ginawa ko kaagad imbis na mag-laro muna.
This is in New Zealand when I take my first ever bungee jump. I have a fear in heights when I was a child. And there was this time when we are on the skyscraper observatory deck in Macau. I was really scared that time because there are parts of the observatory deck that the floor is a glass and you can see the bottom of the tower or the ground floor itself. You can’t even say if the glass floor is safe because anything can happen anytime. So I ask my sister to take a photo of me standing in the glass floor. And after it, my legs are shaking because I was really really scared of what happened. In order to conquer your fears, you must face it, as simple as that.
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