Midterm Project (Metropolitan Museum of Manila)

On the Tapas and Bodogones exhibit, the food is part of the culture because of the way on how they think their ideas on having a product which they think will help them ease up their daily lives. Because they think what they are doing is right because it’s part of their culture to do such thing with a twist of art. Even on our culture, every people/family is different. When I ask two individuals to cook adobo, the taste of it will be different from one another because they have their own style of cooking. In eating, some people don’t like it if you’re too noisy with your spoon and forks while eating (hitting the plate while getting rice/ulam). In dining, when you go to restaurants, they have different styles of plating on how they put in on the table (Dining Etiquette). That’s how I can relate this exhibit to our culture. I can’t exactly say all because all of us have different ideas when it comes to cooking, dining and eating.

On the Philippine Contemporary, I’ve seen a lot of artworks that caught my attention to look at it deeply. Though it’s sad because we’re not allowed to take photos on that area so I only take notes of the artworks that I liked. The 1st artwork is Life, death and rebirth: it’s all a mystery 1 & 2. What I saw in the video is that the artist keeps on throwing bottles until such time he creates an art and also the artist compile them and make art out of broken glass of the bottles. For me, this artwork means that even at simple things like throwing bottles, you can make art. Second artwork is called Spider Boy and there is a boy hanging on the back of the car. What I think about this is that the boy is a thief and he’s about to attempt to steal something at the driver and or inside the car. But I also think that there’s still a lot of thought of this artwork because every individual has its own perception in mind. Third artwork is the Last Supper. This is the only time I understand why the Last Supper is done like that, like there’s a purpose or reason why it was painted like that. It says in the painting that Jesus is offering the people to come with them to eat.

On the Gold and Pottery, sadly, it was under renovation so we weren’t unable to come there. This is my first time to go Metropolitan Museum of Manila and I just want to share how lucky am I that I’m part of this class who usually goes to museums to appreciate art not only in the whole, but also our own Philippine artworks. The best way to learn is through experience. And I actually had fun on my visit especially the part when we saw the “private part of the men” and we have fun on it as we were taking shots of it.

The difference between the Met Museum and National Museum is that the Met Museum showcases most of the international artworks while the National Museum showcases our own cultural heritage/history.

P.S. The photos are not mine (photos c/o Miguel David and Mae Dueñas) because I accidentally deleted my photos when I was syncing my phone to my laptop :(

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