2017: The Year I Document My Life

I have always been fasinated with the “Year in Pictures” issue from Life Magazine when I was young. The way photographers were able to capture so many moments that stirred emotions from struggle, triumph and heartaches over the past year. I’ve often thought about what my life would look like in a “Year in Pictures” issue. I wonder how I would feel at the end of the year when I look back at the photos, videos, podcasts, blogs and vlogs I created that year? Did I accomplish all the dreams and goals I had set out to do? Or am I a person who says one thing and does another?

I feel challenged to embark on this documentation journey.

To be honest, I don’t even know how I am going to do this. Which mediums I will use or even the frequency. The question for me is really “Will I do it?” vs “How will I do it.”

My goal for 2017: To document my life. The good, the bad, the unexpected.

I can’t promise you it will be exciting, or boring, or worth the pause as you scroll through your phone. But what I can promise you is that it will be real. The year will potentially be filled with:

  • Helping build the Cancer Research Foundation; a fund that invests in early stage cancer scientists.
  • Our parenting life managing three ultimate startups; our kids (all under the age of 7).
  • My passion for startups, education, and meeting interesting people for coffee who are doing extraordinary things.

I cannot wait to get started. I wonder what 2017 will bring. Let’s find out.

Instagram / Snapchat: @startupdad | www.carlonavarro.com

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