Barely scraping by with a $250,000 salary in Silicon Valley
Lucas Roitman

I would go one step further than to just say to those people to stop complaining about their salary, I would challenge them to go out and get involved with other people living on more modest incomes and to consider what overpriced luxuries they could remove from their life in order to make room for helping others and building the community, its a wonderful gift of true value to yourself and only those who have can make the difference. I also believe you deserve nice things, but I think that we all deserve a better world and nicer things if we can cultivate that dream at every opportunity than we are a team and we may yet find success as a people in this world and maybe just maybe we survive the future epidemics that are inevitably ahead of us. We not only succeed, but by helping each other and building up the community, we do it with style and pride, we do whats right by everyone.

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