You weren’t born for this $#!^
Jessica Semaan

i’m a bit uncertain about how do i feel after reading all these tons of

“motivational-life-hack-you’re entitled to a great life” kind of a post.

should i feel better? i really feel more miserable.

i have a not so creative job. i’m not a fuckin media artist whatsoever.

i would be lazy but often i just can’t.

i’m living the live i dreamt of, outside my best imagination, some days.

but it’s far from this fanciness. it’s a normal great life.

so what’s the point of this?

i have often the feeling that these post try to give us checklist.

outside of these check list, there is damnation.

I don’t know. i don’t like the “you have to be” kind of approach.

i feel being sad here and there is great,

Emotions are a sinusoidal function to me.

Do really being a little sad is such a great shame today?

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