Cascais Escape House

About a year ago I went back again to Portugal for a short surf trip, since I lived there in the year 2011 I’ve been trying to get back every year (I skipped a few years due to my Asian travels), that time was different, I felt I could see myself in a mirror, I uploaded a picture on my Instagram texting the following:

I translated this text from a Portuguese surfing journal I was reading back then.

This time had also a special meaning. This time is all about making a positive impact on peoples lives in one of my favourite places in the world.

Guincho beach dunes

After my experience organising Escape the City meet-ups in Madrid I found out how things are changing, and not specially in a negative way, I’m talking about good stuff, amazing stuff. Now it’s when you think about Brexit, Donald Trump and all the negative shit that the media is feeding us with everyday, stop reading the news, really, clean cut the negative input to your mind and get your hands dirty trying to make a change in the world, I mean YOUR world and your circle of influence. I’m talking about the change in consumerism, in exaggerated consumerism, about people taking sabbaticals because they cant stand any longer their shitty jobs, corporations who are struggling to find talented students to join their battalions.

So the Escape House in Cascais is how I’m going to get my hands dirty a bit. I’m going to quote myself again from another picture I uploaded on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago.

So this picture and text says it all. I’m happy to start such an amazing adventure with amazing individuals and make this house a life changing experience for everyone who steps in.