Shanghai, a love/hate story.

Shanghai will keep you on your toes, pleading for more and scared for what you just asked for. Shanghai will give you love and grace on side to frustration and destruction all in the same one day.

Shanghai will deny you a visa, but then introduce you to the path you seeked and the people you needed to meet.

You know that you will miss the city, but I bet money that you’ll be willing to get away from her. It’s love, it’s hate, its trial and turmoil.

Every day it’s a discovery, new learnings and lessons learned, each day that yearns for indiscriminate patience.

It’s like going back to university, though good luck graduating because you’re going to need more than a 90% score to pass this test. You’ll watch and study it’s people, their way of life, their food and values and you’ll move up a few grades, but this is no preschool colouring-in book, as I’ve said many times before, people come to Shanghai to stay for a few years and they end up leaving to their home countries after a few weeks, it’s not for everyone, its the Ivy league. You can copy your fellow colleagues but their truth isn’t yours.

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