Simple task analysis

The assignment was to outline the steps necessary to get a room painted in an apartment I share with roommates.

Step 1 — Devise an action plan.

Because there are multiple stakeholders that must be considered before the project can take place (Landlord, Roommates), the plan would include information I needed to have (cost estimates, mutual benefits) to get everybody onboard.

Step 2 — Convince the Landlord to pay.

Convincing the landlord is the first action step. Getting the landlord to agree to pay would make convincing my roommates to help much easier.

Step 3 — Get Roommates on board.

Approach roommates with the idea, when they are most agreeable.

Step 4 — Agree on the project specs and identify roles for each roommate.

Work together with roommates to decide on the look we want, and assign roles based on skills.

Step 5 — Collect necessary materials.

Go to store and buy materials for project

Step 6 — Prepare the room

Move furniture, tape edges, and place tarp.

Step 7 — Paint the room

Step 8 — Celebrate teamwork

Have a party, because no project is complete until we have toasted to a job well done!

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