5:35 am. In my room, listening to shamana. I have my alarms set up for 4:30 so from there I’m awake but I don’t really get up. I tried to recollect anything I could from my dream but I guess I haven’t had one anytime recently. And now I can’t really remember my last dream.

I still find it unusual that I’m a junior in high school. There’s not much time left until I graduate (hopefully). But I guess I’m trying me best, yet I’m not. I have decent grades but not in algebra. Math has never really been a subject I put much thought into. Not very successful in them, I’m always managing to slip right through them. I’m hoping that I can start changing for the better. Lately I’ve been procrastinating more than usual and I can’t find much motivation needed to do the work I need to be doing. I need to start taking advantages of the opportunities. There really is not much time left until graduation. Yet I still don’t have much of a plan. The only thing I know so far is that I want to do something involving nature. Being outdoors is something I prefer. This year I wanted to take psychology but it didn’t appear in my schedule at all, I’m not even sure why but I wanted to. And I need to switch my asl class for an actual foreign language class. I have hopes that I make it into a 2–4 year college. For my family I’d be the first generation of my family to graduate and go to college. At least that’s my plan. But if I’m planning to do these things, things must change, for the better. There isn’t much takeaway from this but I’m hoping I can later reflect on this to see how much I did change.