AWS S3 Bucket and IAM User

This is a simple and easy task to perform but just need to know where to go to complete the steps. You will be creating in your AWS account an IAM user with full S3 access policy and and also we will create an S3 bucket as a new user.


You need to log into AWS account as root user. Once logged in you should be in AWS management console page. In image you can see IAM which is where we will go to next but if you don’t see this you can simple search it in the search bar


You will now click on IAM to get to dashboard

Once you are here you will go to the USER tab on left side and click it. You will then see an Add user button in blue and you will click that next.

When you see access type grant your user both access credential types (access key, and password. Also select option to create custom password. Uncheck option provided that would require password reset. Continue to next few steps to setup permissions


Without closing previous tab we will stay in IAM user dashboard and look at creating a new policy for this test-user-cespinproject. Click on policy in this area on far left. We will go through and create a policy for this user. Once in policy area you will select available services for S3 and add to policy. Also select All resources under that area. You will do the same search and add other S3 services to have in this policy. The policy name I created was “s3fullaccessploicy” (image 2).

Image 2


Lets attach that policy (s3fullaccesspolicy) to User (test-user-cespinproject). You will click add permissions (image 1). Then attach existing policy directly (image 2). You can search the policy name you created and attach the policy to this user.

Image 1
Image 2


We will now log in as new user we created and create an S3 bucket for this user. You will then see that you are now logged in as the user you created

Top right corner shows test-user-cespinproject

Now let us create that S3 bucket. Click S3 on the main dashboard on management console. Remember if it isn’t there then just search it above. Once in the S3 dashboard we want to click “create bucket”. Use a unique name for your bucket (test-user-bucket-cespinprojectwk7).

test-user-bucket-cespinprojectwk7 is created at the bottom

This was a simple walk-through on how to do some basic things in AWS console. It does take some getting use to, so continue to practice as I do to continue learning and get that repetition.




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Carlos Espinoza

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