Slam Poetry; a Berry good way to make me think

Carlos Andrés Gaviria
3 min readMay 11, 2018


Methods and Approaches class, the moment I inscribed it online, I kind of knew what to expect from the course, and most importantly, the professor…

I believe, some people were freaking out about their schedule’s choice because they had their class with Dr.Mora, the evilest human being alive, while some others were glad, as they got to choose their schedule with a different professor. I just thought the whole thing about Dr.Berry evilness was completely wrong and I could not tell where it came out from, so I decided to deny all of those inaccurate accusations about him… until I realized he likes them. For that reason, I’ll keep my mouth shout in the future, because I don’t know If I’ll be able to spread the word about his evilness to future students.

Anyhow, classes started, and everything came out the way I expected to: there were fun classes where we had the chance to learn a lot and read some interesting and enriching authors who broaden my perspectives as a future teacher. I also had lots of bullying, it was no surprise. Actually, it would have been weird the other way around.

Everything was fine until the terrible day I got the Slam Poetry assignment. That was were I confirmed that Dr.Berry was the craziest professor ever. I just did not know what to say or think about such a stranger task. Did I have to rap? Did I have to perform? Did I create a Jay-Z and Beyoncé show? I barely sing, and now I was supposed to rap, or create a “spoken word” (terms which I thought they had no difference at that moment) I was literally, hating the assignment, as I did not know what to do or what to talk about. I mean, there were several options: war, poverty, puppies, food, fashion and the list went on and on, but I was not able to find something inspirational to write and speak about.

Days went by and I decided I would liberate the vision of love I have now. I thought the topic was quite cheesy and overused, but I just kept getting words, and words and more words out of it. There were a couple of days where my muse came to me, so I would just sit down and write random sentences and thoughts in my Pokémon notebook, until one day, I decided to put together the craziest and saddest parts of my random writing sessions to create my own Slam Poetry skeleton. I know we were not allowed to free style it and I do not think I went for that, technically speaking. I just sort of free styled many times and, then I joined, what I considered, were the best parts into one slam poem.

At the end, I was able to pull through all the stress and anxiety that this assignment triggered on me, and it made me learn that I should take my time and calm down when I do not understand my academic tasks, because at the end I will end up doing them, even if I get crazy at the beginning. Thank you, Dr.Berry it was a Berry good way to make me think. #Slampoetry #MATLUPB