The magnetic power of a meaningful mission

How our vision and mission shared through a compelling message has helped Badi put together a premier league team, raise $45M and deliver a great product.

Carlos Pierre
Jan 10 · 5 min read

Before founding Badi I already knew that a great story was the key to capturing the audience’s attention, but it wasn’t until I met Mark Tluszcz, CEO at Mangrove Capital Partners that I realised just how important it was to perfectly articulate your vision & mission.

A great idea poorly articulated can become the beginning of the end, as it won’t have enough power to attract the right team or potential investors. On the other hand, an idea backed up by common sense and great storytelling can potentially become a billion dollar business.

Working alone is easy, the reasoning behind everything you do comes naturally and most of the time you don’t need to stop and think about why you do what you do — you just know it.

When you work with other people, and especially when you lead other people, you realise that it is crucial to correctly communicate the WHY so that they can feel what you feel before launching into the “what we do” and the “how we do it”, and that’s how you get to work with really talented individuals.

I am a 28 year old founder & CEO, totally inexperienced and theoretically unprepared for the day to come as I’ve never been a CEO of a Series B stage company in my life. There are probably 4 things that I’ve decently managed to accomplish:

  1. Have and maintain a clear mission
  2. Be extremely passionate about that mission
  3. Learn like crazy about how to articulate that mission for everyone to understand, (and still learning like crazy!)
  4. Attract good people and great partners to join this amazing journey

Having a meaningful purpose has helped set the foundation of something that has become way bigger than me. Badi has an amazing team of designers, architects, scientists, storytellers, executors and creators that work everyday, side by side to make our vision a reality. I’m extremely proud to be surrounded by a team that is truly passionate about what we do.

And, what do we do?

We make city-living accessible for everyone by offering a frictionless user experience in a supply constrained market.

We do this through a mid to long term room rental marketplace.

Real estate is the largest commodity in the world, boasting an estimated $217 trillion valuation. The market is huge but obsolete, and now has to confront an upcoming global issue — by 2050, the total population living in cities will increase from 54% to 66%. Earth is becoming too small and we have two simple options: 1) Colonize other planets or 2) Start sharing the available space that we have which, will be clearly limited when we double our population in the next 50–100 years. As demand from ever-growing urban populations fast outstrips supply, there simply aren’t enough homes in cities with housing becoming too expensive.

As a result, every empty living space (aka room) will increase its value. There is a global need to increase supply and match efficiently both sides of the market, this is where Badi comes in.

We have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact while becoming the largest and most innovative Real Estate marketplace in the world.

That is our cause, our mission and the reason for Badi’s existence.

2018 has been a very good year for Badi, I don’t say great because we’ll only achieve greatness when we make city-living accessible for everyone, everywhere. Here are some highlights:

In the last 3 years I’ve pitched to more than 100 investors (BA, Seed & Growth VCs), but only partnered with 4% of them. Life is a series of decisions and opportunities and today I can proudly say that we could not have chosen our partners better. I want to dedicate a few words to thank all of them:

Thanks to Mangrove Capital Partners for trusting in our vision and our team right from the inception, particularly to Mark Tluszcz and Nikolas Krawinkel for supporting us when no one else did.

Thanks to Spark Capital for believing in Badi without hesitation. It is one of the most inspiring, supportive, and successful Venture Capital firms I’ve seen out there. Special thanks to Alex Finkelstein for changing the course of our journey and being extremely passionate and honest.

Thanks to Goodwater Capital for being uncommonly humble. Particularly to Chi-Hua Chien and Edward Suh for truly believing that we can change the world together.

Thanks to Target Global for supporting us more than expected and for always being ready to help when needed.

Thank you all for being LEADERS in an industry full of followers. That’s what sets apart really great VC firms from the rest.

Finally, I want to thank Didac Lee & Tao Tao for supporting Badi as board members and helping me in becoming a better CEO, special thanks to our entire team for always being there when I unleash my passion in unexpected ways.

So, is there a compelling story behind your company or your cause?

Carlos Pierre

Written by

I get unreasonably passionate about things or ideas.

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