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Anne Spaeth, CEO of Long Table Hospitality, and Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand and Communications Officer of Deluxe Corporation.

On September 26th, we had the pleasure of being present for an inspiring conversation between two pillars of leadership mojo in the community, Anne Spaeth, CEO of Long Table Hospitality, and Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand and Communications Officer of Deluxe Corporation, at a benefit for the MN Women’s Foundation Young Women’s Initiative.

They spoke about life-paths to successful self-realization and creative manifestation in the world. Notwithstanding societal obstacles, or inner obstacles.

There is so much to comment from this thoughtful and inspirational discussion. …

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Monika Bielskyte’s thought leadership started by day perfectly. It’s about how envisioning the future affects our present, and therefore the future. “Fictions bleed back into reality.” Consequently, we need to develop competence at envisioning other-than-dystopic futures if we want to change for the better. “Hope for the future is the new punk.”

As a content creator, here is a statement with profound ethical implications for all of us.

Artists need to “take more responsibility for the social consequences of vomiting their psychosis” for all to see. When we create content, what are we ‘vomiting forth’?

Are we making people feel better about themselves? Or do we make them feel inadequate, with salvation promised on the other side of a business transaction with us? Do we fill people with hope, or with fear? Do we empower people, enabling independence and sovereignty? Or do we keep them disempowered and dependent? Do we help to build connection between people? Or do we exploit and reinforce tribal divisions, prejudices, dehumanizations, bigotries, and fear of the other? …

How to Scale Niche? Seth Godin on the Smallest Possible Audience.

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If there is one topic that the practice of Content Marketing has strengthened in the field of marketing, whether explicitly or implicitly, it’s the importance of relevance.

The question of relevance manifests in many forms. The focus on niche and not being overly broad with publications (brilliantly analyzed in the contexts of magazines by Baekdal) , of hand-crafting your products in early phases of development before scale-up (see Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale Handcrafted with Brian Chesky), of ensuring that you put the customer’s needs first, and creating value-added versus interruptive content tailored to audience needs (Content Marketing Institue Pulizzi, Papandrea, Patel, Dillon, Friesen, Fishburne, and Pulizzi again); all of these trends in discourse point to the preeminence of relevance. …


Carlos Abler

Content marketing leader, sustainable business strategist, artist, philosopher, public speaker, working on behalf of the Light side of The Force.

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