The Fast Modern Era

Carlos Antorán
Jun 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Stop. Look around you. What do you see? How are the people around feeling? We are running overwhelmed. The people feel stressed and angry all day long. They are frustrated. Why?

We are living in the best time of human history but in the other hand we are living in the most unhappy era. Why?

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The culture of running every day and growing without sense is everywhere. You wake up and the race starts. A race that it takes you until dinner. A lot of task to do and no time for get it done. That is a common way of live for million people worldwide.

But fortunately we know how to stop that crazy living. It is simple. Stop, be conscious, change habits, routines and the most important and change your thoughts about what are the important things.

It sounds easy but it doesn´t. Yes, it is not easy to change but it is worthy at all. How to do it? Well, let me help you.

First, be conscious about the problem. Lack of time is not the problem. We all have 24 hours per day. The problem is inside us and how we use our time. My first advice could be: Stop and Think. What is doing me feeling in that way? What I have to change to revert that situation? What do I need?

Being conscious about the problem gives you the opportunity to be focused in what really you have to do to change. Let´s see. Are you feeling anxious? Stop and Think. What is the problem? Be honest with yourself. If the problem is the stress because you have a lot of thinks running inside your mind, what could be the solution? Maybe doing less or being involved in fewer issues or turning off your cell phone. Finding the solution could be difficult but is essential. Sometimes it is not clear but you are person who knows you the best. You´ll get it, sure.

Second, stop using so much information. One of the current problems is the excessive consume of all kind of information. Cell phones, television, internet, newspaper and so on. We spend all day long demanding our brain process that much kind of fast and useless information. We are stressing ourselves with every bite of information. The solution is simple: Turn off your devices.

One of my preferred high performance super habit is not to consult my cellphone after 8:00 PM. Three or four hours before go to bed, I keep my smartphone and let my brain rest. Other of my super habits is not to read newspapers, it´s the brain freedom.

Third, be slow. Everywhere and everytime. Try to do things much slower. Walk slower, move slower, read slower, think slower. Sometimes it is necessary to be on movement, but, why do you run when it is not necessary? I always see people running home or from one side to another without sense. That’s because it´s how they are used to living. Be slowing as much as possible. Your body and your brain will be grateful to you.

Fourth, the urgent doesn´t exist. Some time ago, I wrote an article in my spanish blog explaining that question. We work and live like if all is urgent and the most important think in the world that must be done right now, right here. Really? Stop and think — see first advice — . What will happen if that think couldn’t be done right now? Be honest again. Is it so important for you live/work?

Well, there are important things, of course. You have to work in be able to identify the really important things. One of the most mental challenges is to be able not to feel stressed every second of your life by minimal things. Try to do it. Ask yourself; Is it important enough to feel stressed that way?

Personal habits are key to find the well-being. Adequately Resting, optimal feeding, physical exercise, task managing, relationships, loving yourself, are issues you have to train to get your best version. You have to be focused on improving in every scope of your live to be better, live better and feel better.

We forget about the important thing as our own diary happiness. To live as better as I could is one of my personal challenges. I´m not talking about have a lot of things or try to be millionaire –it´s welcome, yeah–.

I’m trying to live experiences and understand my feelings about those experiences and improve inside to be projected outside. That experience gives me the chance to train my resilience and help me to appreciate the little thigs, the most important ones.

It is not necessary for your personal success to be running around like a headless chicken. If you see people living or working like that –maybe you are– rest assured they are less happier and less productive and sooner or later they will have to stop or fall ill.

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