CHARACTER, The Untangable Factor

Listen, no matter what you choose to do in life, there is always going to be one intangible variable that will dictate the opportunities that come knocking at your door. Your character is the one thing that everyone subconsciously sees when they interact with you. The way you carry yourself has a remarkable and instantaneous yet invisible effect on the way people preseve us. In order to be successful in the words of Tai Lopez, "You’ve got to be worth a damn". You need to have a strong, prominent spirit and will to achieve. You need to indirectly show people that you are worth investing in. The single greatest asset you could ever have is your heart. but like every good asset it is also a liability. I’ll go over what exactly makes your character stand out from the crowd in future posts. I just wanted to lay the foundation of this ideology for future reference. We must always remember that the way that we live our lives tells the other person just about everything they need to know about you. We, as the new generation, must come to terms with ourselves and truly understand who we are. you’ve got to build yourself up before you can advertise yourself. I encourage you to sit there for a moment and think, "what makes me worth a damn?" "what makes me a good investment". these are questions that every possible employer, investor or partner is asking when they evaluate you. Whether it is an employer, mentor or significant other everyone will always be subconsciously judging and comparing you to one another. carry yourself with confidence. walk into wherever you go like you own the place. like a lion with its head held high. but always stay humble, and kind. Because if you don’t invest in yourself. Why should anyone else?