A window into the mind of a millionare

Hello! my name is Carlos A Rodriguez I’m an ambitious young man in a world of possibility. I was born in Cuba in the year 1999, a communist island with nothing, not even a future. I was lucky enough to Emigrate off of the island to a fairly small city in Canada at the age of 3 where I was raised. I’m no stranger to struggle and I know that everything we have in life has a cost. this time was when I began to discover what I really wanted to do in life. growing up I always knew I was better off there than in Cuba but I wanted more. I knew that my dreams of success were never going to come true in that small Canadian city, there simply was no opportunity. I wanted to live somewhere full of potential and greatness, somewhere where I could thrive and achieve everything I’ve ever dreamed of.
At the age of Seventeen, I face another odyssey. I’ve uprooted myself and my family and made a very difficult move to Miami in hopes of a better, brighter future. in exchange I lost my friends, my school, I’ve been away from my girlfriend for a year, we lost our house I lost pretty much everything I had, except for my passion, and will to succeed. I’m finishing my last year of high school in a Blue Ribbon Preparatory school by the name of "Doral Academy" I hope that means something to someone but honestly to me, it doesn’t matter what color ribbon you have, so long as you do things right. But being in a college preparatory school with 100% placement and extremely high test scores, I’m starting to realize that the traditional system we are taught; study, go to college, get a job, is outdated and unrealistic. After coming all this way I’m ending up going through the same broken loop as every other brainwashed consumer around me. I don’t want to be like them, hypnotized by society into following their little monopoly. living your life making other people richer simply because it’s "the way it always been". I want to be the top gun, the man who escaped the rat race and bypassed the system. why would anyone settle to be the sheep, when they could be the shepherd? This is why I’ve decided to create a blog. A place where I can help people think for themselves, and escape the loop and fulfill themselves.
in the end of the day, I am determined and strong-willed. I push myself, go to extremes to achieve my dreams. The choices we make now will forever dictate the course we will take. If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get where you’ve always gotten. So... Will you become the world’s next Rockefeller? Or will you allow yourself to fail? Welcome to the mind of a future millionaire.