How I plan to inspire the next generation of Outliers

Every success story has to start somewhere if you want to learn a little bit about who exactly I am please read my About I talk briefly about my origin story and background. The aim of this blog is simple. I want to help my generation break the mold/norms of society. I want a place to share my experiences, plans, ideas, and knowledge with people who think like I do. I want to help people dream big and achieve their dreams. This blog will serve as a home for unexplored ambitions, an archive of knowledge for future innovators, a boot camp for leaders, a congregation of minds ambitious and willing to push new boundaries and explore new frontiers. Together we will do things right, Together we will learn and inspire the new generation of outliers. we are the future of success stories, we all need to come togeather and break the mold.

What will we talk about in this blog?

  • Technology (The Future of jobs)
  • Business (The Vanderbilts of the future)
  • Character (Investing in yourself)
  • Lifestyle (For a Happy / Healthy future)
  • Projects (The crazy ideas that spark innovation)

We are the future, and we are in this togeather.