My First Journal

This is the second week of my grade 9 life. Monday first day of the week. Assignments pilling up, homeworks pilling up, activities pilling up. The Struggle is starting. Just went to school late hahaha, sleeping on your comfy bed is just soo goood.

2nd day Tuesday. Math Math Math 😔 Whyy Math? Math justs kills me since I stepped highschool. Math group work is just what are thoooseee? Just got lucky cause my boy Cedrick helped me.

3rd day Wednesday i forgot what happened that day? Just wonderful day at school just keeping it up. Another day of saving money, end of the day my money is gone.

4th day Thursday. PE day, another day of teachers caught us playing ball. PE day we did exercise and stuffs?? But before we go home our adviser gave us the folders for the subjects.

Finally the last day friday. Again went to school lateee, my schoolmates are having the ceremony upstair while me just chillin and feel bad. Prepared for the basketball try-outs but sir dodi just said basketball try-outs is canceled and will resume on saturday? Whyy? Another stressful week, We’re just getting started at our school year keep up the hard work and you’ll recieve your dreams.

Sorry for the wrong grammar✌🏻️

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