Focus on most important task of the day

Day 4/28

(my journey)

Today’s topic is FOCUS. It’s so simple and at the same time to hard to get focused on your work. It’s really easy to create a TODO list with 8 important tasks and finish the day without accomplishing anything. If you usually feel this maybe it’s time to change your approach.


I believe every day you should choose your MIT — Most Important Task. The process of choosing this tasks it’s quite simple. You should think about 3 things.

1 — Is this task really important?
2 — This task help me to finish other important work?
3 — If the only work I finish today is this task, I will be happy?

So choose your MIT and make sure you just work on that on first 90 minutes of the day. In the morning, you will more productive because your brain will be fresh. Make sure you don’t check email or social media too before you finish this task.

Sometimes it’s a great idea to break your MIT in smaller tasks. That works really well because if you can visualize the task from begging to the end you will not feel lost.

Tha’s my advice for today.

My Day

Saturday so I decide to sleep 2 more hours. Yesterday I went to bed late because I build my personal website. (still simple Tomorrow is my day off so I will make a big walk 15km and enjoy my day outside.

✔ Wake at 8 AM
✘ Don’t walk
✔ 8 Hours of productivity (4h30 of them programming)
✔ Follow my schedule
✘ Contact clients
✘ Leave computer at 8 PM

Share your objectives with me and make sure you follow this journey. Let’s go Together To The TOP!

See you tomorrow!