Give first ask later! business model

Photo credit: ishane via / CC BY

In business sometimes we make some mistakes and we don’t realize. We aim for profit when we are starting and sometimes it’s not the right business model. You can make a lot of money with free stuff and the best part is that people love freebies. In this article, I will show you 3 different ways you can use to profit on a long run using the “give first ask later” business model.

Hosting services

This is a pretty basic one. Search for websites and offer to host them for free on your server. Ask them when they will have to renew the hosting and offer 1 year for free on your service.

Think this as a long term investment. If you get 300 to 500 clients you will bank some money. It’s easy to ask $50 each one (and that’s dirty cheap).


If you have some skills on marketing create some facebook ads for a shop for free. (don’t waste much money) If the shop owner sees sales he will wire you. This can be risky. Another idea is to sell services like social media content creation. Ask for a free trial. If you are a programmer you can check some websites with simple design mistakes (like CSS). Fix the mistake (usually 10 to 20 minutes). E-mail the owner with the solution. They will hire in the future (maybe). Even if 2 or 3 in 10 hires you to make the math! That 20 minutes worth? That’s it.

Email List

Create a PDF with some good quality information. Promote with ads, social networks etc. Ask people the email address to receive the free pdf. Use email marketing to monetize the list with things related to your business.

Make sure you offer 3 or 4 more quality pdfs before asking people to buy something. People have to trust you first.

Remember to first give value! Then ask back. 
But remember to don’t be too kind … people will use you!

My Day 15/28

All day to do some design changes. Tomorrow I will start to promote my business services and get client’s.

✔ Wake at 6AM 
✔ Walk 7KM (easyyy did some pull ups too)
✔ 13 Hours of productivity (6 of programming)
✘ Impossible to follow my schedule took me so many time to create a design
✘ Leave computer at 8 PM

Share your objectives with me and make sure you follow this journey. Let’s go Together To The TOP! 28 days of super productivity