How make less decisions can boost your productivity

You know when you feel the burnout. You look at the screen and you see the cursor blinking, but you can’t start to doing anything. You don’t know really why, but you feel powerless.

Every single day since you wake up your brain is able to a certain number of decisions. If you start to receive more information that your brain can handle you just start to make bad decisions. We can call this phenomenon cognitive load.

In our society, we are encouraged to be multi-tasking persons. But the price to pay by doing this is too damn high! Let’s see, how can we reduce the cognitive load and get better results.


Avoid this trap! Turn off all computer and mobile phone notifications while you are doing your best work. 
If you really need you can, for example, define a specific hour verify your email, your phone, and any social media. 
Make sure you never do this type of things in the morning because will hurt your productivity.

Clean Your Inbox

Inbox zero will make your mind much clearer because you don’t have stuff pending.There are tons of technics to clean your inbox.

Clean your Desk / Work environment

Your desk is just like your inbox. The less information your eyes can see the less your brain need to process. Make your environment clean and minimal. I already wrote about clean your work environment.

Prepare a menu for your week

Make sure you don’t have to choose what you are going to eat every day. Maybe use Sunday to plan all your meals. 
Fewer decisions you make, the better.

What to dress?

Make sure you know what you going to dress all week. Don’t decide that in the morning. If you can work every day with specific clothes, it’s even better.

Social Networks

Remove all people you don’t talk with, negative people, etc. 
That will save your brain to deal with their negative information. Some people just use Facebook to complain about their life and to show you how the world is a terrible place. So get rid of them.

Give up on news

TV and newspapers are really bad. So much negativity. 
What you win with all that information? 
What is so important that you need to know?
Maybe you can impress someone with your knowledge, but is that really valuable? 
Protect your mindset and give up on traditional news.

Just an example how I apply this:

I’m doing a 28-day super productivity journey, so I decide to post 28 articles during that 28 days. Before I start the journey I sit down for one hour and I pick 28 titles for that 28 articles. Of course, I didn’t know what I would write on each article.

But now I save a lot of time every day because I already have a topic to write about so I don’t feel any pressure to think about something to write about after a hard day of work.

So make sure you always plan ahead! Save your brain for what you really need.

Start your information diet today, don’t wait for Monday!

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