You Can Choose your Destiny!

This is a concept that most people are not aware of. Most people live on autopilot and expect the best to happen. Study, Get a Job, Die.

Couple weeks ago I was thinking about my life and I start to think about why I become an entrepreneur. What event in my life makes me change? After thinking for a while I realize that I decide that I would become an entrepreneur during middle school.

I remember to wake up and go to some classes that I really hate. I really hate that teachers…. not all but some of them. Every single day … slowly walking to the classroom like I was walking to my death penalty.

During that period I decide I would not do something I hate during the rest of my life. So nowadays I realize that my core value is freedom. Financial Freedom is what moves me. (maybe the reason I stay single eheheh)

Took me 15 years to fully understand what make me do what I do. What makes me work 80 hours week’s, get out of the bed at 6 AM, work 6 days per week. So the main concept I want to share with you on this article is that you should take responsibility in your life! You should be in charge and be the captain of your own boat.

Don’t let anyone choose your own destiny!

If you hate your job. Stop complaining and make sure you find an alternative! Do you plan to live the rest of your life waiting for weekends?
You only live once to it’s time to act.

Comment on this article what you going to change this year! :)