21 Questions for my White Friends

Carlos Williams
1 min readJun 4, 2020

What will you say when it’s me?

Will you tell your loved ones that you knew me?
Will you describe me as the “perfect victim”?
Will you debate whether I complied?
Will you say my name?

What will you post when it’s me?

Will you tag me in a happy memory?
Will you share a smiling photo of me with CNN?
Will you give a scowling photo of me to Fox News?
Will you help my hashtag trend?

What will you do when it’s me?

Will you call your senator?
Will you call my mom?
Will you take your emotions to the street?
Will you burn my city to the ground?

What will you change when it’s me?

Will you change your views on policing?
Will you change the way you vote?
Will you change the way you raise your kids?
Will you cry — for a revolution?

Illustration by Sam Cassidy of DBC

What will you do so it isn’t me?



Carlos Williams

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